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Factory Cheap Rectangle Soft 100% Polyurethane sponge Foam Sheet for all customizations needs

Factory Cheap Rectangle Soft 100% Polyurethane sponge Foam Sheet for all customizations needs

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Our sponge products:
Foam Mattress
Spring Mattress
Medical Pad
Memory Pillow
Item Name
High Resilient/Normal/Memory Polyurethane Foam for Furniture
Mattress/Sofa/Furniture Manufacturing
Can be customized Depends on the thickness
Can be customized
Foam Density
25~80 kg/m³
Vacuumed and compressed packaging
Loading Capacity
140CBM/20GP 330CBM/40HQ
Lead Time
7 Days after deposit is made
Payment Terms
100% TT, 30% Deposit and 70% balance before loading
Customized Service
Can make with density, firmness,color and sizes specified
To save your shipping costs, we can compress your sponges and mattresses:
1.If I have special size of the foam sheet or foam block, can you make for us?
Yes, of course. There are two solutions for special size
(1)Cut from our standard size 150*200cm or 180*200cm into your special size, but we will charge the price for the whole piece of
150*200 cm or 180*200cm.
(2) If the total quantity above 60 CBM, we can produce a whole production line with your special size for you.

2. Can you make foam in rolls? What is the max width and length?
Yes, we can make roll foam with max width 210cm and max length 60 meter.

3.Can the color of foam be changed as I required?
Yes, we can customized the color base on MOQ 60 CBM.

4.What is the loading capacity of 20GP and 40HQ?
The foam will be compressed and vacuumed before loading.
For 20GP, the container can be loaded about 90 CBM of the foam before compressed. For 40HQ, the container can be load about 250
CBM before compressed.
If the foam is super soft foam, 20 GP can load about 110 CBM, 40HQ can load 270 CBM.

5. What is the lead time?
7 working days after deposit.

6. Is there any influence on the quality of the foam after vacuumed packed? How long will it take after unpacking for the foam to recover to the original shape and volume?
Usually, the foam may take 2-3 days to recover to its original size. We have US, Australia and New Zealand Clients, we also export roll foams and foam sheets to them. We have some clients in South America, and the shipping time will be over one month. The foam is always in good condition after they open the package.

7. Can you send me some samples?
Yes, we can offer free samples with size 20*20*5cm.
Courier Freight abroad is afforded by customer is highly appreciated.

8. What is the difference between drawer foaming and continuous foaming?
Drawing foaming is made by manual operation in fixed size mould, like 150 X 200 X 150cm, so it will have max size like the mould.Because the chemical reaction is occurred in the mould, its foaming reaction is upward, it is good at elasticity. Hand-made foam is perfect for making sofa cushion. Continuous foam is made by a long foaming continuous machine. The chemical reaction is occurred in the machine and the foam will pull out meter by meter along the machine platform. So it is good at strength and perfect for roll foam, quilted mattress topper and good for mattress and sofa. It can product a large quantity at a time. It is high efficient.
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