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Clean room Antistatic Working Shoes Industrial ESD Safety Boots With PU Sole

Clean room Antistatic Working Shoes Industrial ESD Safety Boots With PU Sole

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Product Description

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Product : ESD Boots
Size:#34-#50 (220mm - 300mm)
Upper Material: Canvas + 5mm Grid Antistatic Fabric + 8 holes
Insole Material:5mm Grid Antistatic Fabric + 3mm EVA insole
Outer Sole Material:PU
Applications:Pharmaceutical, Biological, Electronical, Chemical; Medical, Cleanroom; Laboratory etc.

* Ligt weight and comfortable, soft, Highly Breathable;
* Easy to wash and dry, reusable;
* Good wearability, good ESD Performance, Deft, Firm;
* Antislip, Durable, Resistant of chemicals;
* Good Anti-static Function 10^7-10^9Ω ;
* Full of dissipate static electricity including the arch of the foot.
Use Notes

1. Be worn on ESD floor
2. Dont stick any insulation material to the sole.
3. Test resistance of the shoes everyweek, Then clean or replace it according to the results.
4. When wearing antistatic / conductive shoes, please don't wear insulating woolen socks / shoe pads.
5. Never use antistatic shoes as insulated shoes.
6. Antistatic shoes should be used together with antistatic clothing.

Using Method & application
Operating hints

1. Wash in warm water (below 40°c) by soft brusher with neutral detergent, Can’t wash in machine.
2. Dry in the ventilation, shady & cool place, Avoid direct sunlight, NO oven & desiccant.
3. Keep the shoes in cool place by plugging in soft cloth or paper.
4. Please test the resistance after using a perid (NOT over 200 hours) then clean or replace it.

About Application

* Excellent at discharging the body static;
* Efficiently prevent dust generating;
* Can be used for cleanroom,electronic, ESD sensitive area ,semi-conductor industries, optical instrument, pharmacy, microbial engineering, precision instrument, etc.

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