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Best Seller Pets Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent Concentrate for Dog Cat Pet Supplies Pet Product

Best Seller Pets Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent Concentrate for Dog Cat Pet Supplies Pet Product

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Product Description
Floor Cleaner Concentrate for Dogs
* Fragrance free, alcohol free and colorless, this specialized pH balanced formula provides for a comprehensive floor cleaning without worries for pet and household safety.
* Effectively removes pet odor, dirt stains, bacteria and germs while leaving the floor clean and spotless.
* Economical & easy usage: Dilute our floor cleaner concentrate with water to a ratio of 1:1000, mop the floor with the diluted mixture and let dry naturally. No rinsing necessary.
* Designed to be odorless, our cleaner does not use scents or perfume to mask malodor. The cleaner effectively and thoroughly removes all unwanted odor, dirt stains, germ and bacteria instantly.
* SGS certified to be antibacterial with the ability to inhibit bacterial growth.
* Available in two versions: one for dogs and one for cats. For pet households with both cats and dogs, we recommend using the cat version.
* 1000ml (also available in 4000ml refill)
* OEM to your private label available with MOQ >100 bottles.
Product Code
Packaging / Box
HS Code
Bottle Type
1000ml (32oz)
12 Bottles
PET Bottle
4000ml (1gal)
3 Bottles
PET Refill Bottle
Alcohol Free & Fragrance Free to Ensure the Safety & Health of our Lovely Pets

Main Ingredients
Natural Ingredients
Catechin - Derived from natural green tea extract, quickly neutralizes odor molecules.
Malic Acid - Extracts from natural fermented fruits, quickly neutralizes the ammonia smell in urine.
Persimmon Extract - Rich in tannins, has a good neutralizing effect on malodors.
Purified Water - Processed with multiple filtration to remover chlorine and harmful impurities.
Benzalkonium Chloride - Highly efficient antibacterial agent commonly
used in cosmetics for sterilization.
Specially designed to provide our lovely pets a safe & hygienic environment.


Economic & Effective Usage
Dilution with water to a ratio of 1:1000 for an effective & economical usage.
SGS certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria while inhibiting bacterial growth.
Mop all type of floor surfaces with diluted solution & let dry naturally. No water rinsing needed.

Our specialized formula targets the source of odor, cleans up dirt stains & kills 99.9% of bacteria leaving a hygienic pet safe environment.

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We use eco-friendly recyclable bottles to protect our precious environment.

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