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Beautilux Nail Gel Polish Kit Dropshipping Soak Off UV LED Nails Varnish Set Semi Permanent Nail Art Gels Lacquer Gift Box DIY

Beautilux Nail Gel Polish Kit Dropshipping Soak Off UV LED Nails Varnish Set Semi Permanent Nail Art Gels Lacquer Gift Box DIY

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Product Paramenters
Product Name
Color Nail Gel Polish Kit Dropshipping
Product Type
UV LED Nail Gel
Pink, Blue, White, Mixed Color, 240 Colors For choosing
Wearing time
Over 4 weeks
3 Years
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Delivery Time
5 days
You can DIY the Color in Kit with the same price ♪(^∇^*).
Pls Click the bottom "DIY the Color in Kit" to choosing the color.

Product Description:
Product Name: Beautilux Gel Polish 6pcs/set
Product Type: 3-step nail gel polish
Content: 10ml Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CPNP/CPSR
How to apply: 1. Prep nails, apply Beautilux Primer, no need cure 2. Apply Beautilux rubber base, cure for 30s 3. Apply Beautilux gel polish color in a thin layer, cure for 60s 4. Apply another layer of gel polish color, and cure for 60s 5. Apply Beautilux No Wipe Top coat, cure for 60s. How to remove: Buff off the top coat, use cotton with acetone, wrap with foil for 10 minutes. Or use removal gel for 2 minutes.


Q1: Does the gel polish have a sticky layer? Do I have to wipe off the sticky layer? A: Yes, except no wipe top coat, our gel polishes have sticky layer, and you do not need to wipe out the sticky layer. Q2: Why does the gel polish do not dry? A: First, Our gel polish has a sticky layer after curing, it does not stand for the gel do not dry, you can continue to next step directly.
Second, If the gel is wrinkle after curing, that means you have applied the color gel too thick, please apply thinner for each layer, as our gel polishes contains upmost pigments, if you apply thick, the UV light cannot get through the gel, then it will cause wrinkle.
Third, please also check your lamp, as in the market there are many fake lamps, we highly suggest you use our lamp. Q3: What is the difference between Rubber Base and Rubber Base Thick, what condition should I use them? A: Rubber base is a normal thin base, and rubber base is a thick one. You can use it to make leveling, to make C curve, or when your nails are thin, you can use it as reinforce gel. Q4: What is the difference between Rubber top and No Wipe Top Reinforced? A: Rubber Top is a thick top, no wipe top reinforced is a thin top. With a thick top, you don’t have to apply to reinforce gel. Q5: What is the difference between Rubber Matte Top and Matte Top No Wipe? A: Rubber matte top coat is with sticky layer, but the velvet effect and the soft touch feeling is better than matte top no wipe. Q6: Does your gel polish align well? A: Yes, our production line is with strict quality control, all gels are filtered before filling to ensure no bubble and grains. Our gel polishes are with excellent leveling ability, can be applied silky smoothly, even colors with high percentage of white pigment, it is also without any strip or brush lines when applying. Q7: Can I use your gel polish without base and top coat? A: Most of our gel polishes are 3-step gel, base and top coat must be applied. Our BRB series, Camouflage rubber base coat colors are 2-step gels, no need to apply base coat. Q8: Does your products air dry? A: No, our products must be cured with UV or LED lamp, otherwise it will not be dry. Q9: Can I use base and top from other company with your color gels? A: Yes, you can. But it is suggested to use them from the same company to get better durability. Q10: Will your gel polish cause allergic reaction? A: All the raw materials we use are healthy, and we have got CPSR testing report, however, we can not 100% make sure that our products will not cause allergic reaction since different people may allergic to different stuff.
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